Regarding pensions

Has anyone had a deferred pension, but since losing a husband/wife applied for their state pension to see if you’re entitled to anything from them?..

Hi. If you get in touch with GOV.PENSIONS you will get a reply asking for your circumstances. I have found them pretty helpful. They usually answer the phone quickly.

We have lost our lovely Sandra, the member who was a benefits expert and regularly gave advice, but she recommended this Govt advice website:

Hope it helps. xx

Aww thank you I’ll have a look xx

Hi, my mum just called them after dad passed away. As others have said they were very helpful & understanding. Advised her that they would review & come back to her ASAP. Think she received a letter from them with 2 weeks confirming of any changes to her amount to be received.

Good luck
H x

the Pensions tracer us another good place too, will help you find and lost pensions, helped me with one of mine, only a small monthly income from it, but pays for Ada’s monthly Insurance premiums.

Thank you… all sorted now… waiting on the one off lump sum payment :crossed_fingers:t2:

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