Just a thought, have any had issues, with relationships with our past loved ones families, my step daughter constantly asked for money ,said it was fir granddaughter, I am the point where I simply haven’t got the funds to give any more money, strange, no more texts, no more calls. I can’t recall in 19 months, her calling to ask how I was doing, guess I was kind of blackmailed. Don’t see much of granddaughter these days, lost Shell, looks like I am loosing Amelia as well( Granddaughter).

I’m so sorry Pete. Your step daughter has not been kind to you to say the least.
I have 4 step children and I know how tricky such relationships can be. My step family are reasonably friendly but I realise i will have to make my own way I life from now on.
I hope your friends are backing you.

Good luck and love

I have a son, from previous relationship, kind of lost touch after his mum and me split, but reconnected, he is coming over Christmas day. But yes, this is a journey we take alone, even if we have support from others , only we know this empty void we have been placed in.
Take care.

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