Relationship changes with parent left behind

I know this probably sounds mad but has anyone lost a parent and then their relationship with the remaining parent become so different ( but in a good way ? )
I feel like i’m trying to cope with the death of one parent and the new better relationship with the other ?
Not that its a struggle as the new relationship is so much better but my head is so confused


Hi @Lost19, I’m just giving this a gentle bump for you :blue_heart:

Hi lost19, I lost my dad 4 weeks ago who I had an amazing relationship with. I am now having to support my mum & feel like I’m the parent now as she is struggling so much. I’m feeling resentment towards her as I feel I can’t grieve & process things as I’m having to be there for her every day.
My relationship with her was never the strong bond I had with my dad, he did everything for her & I now feel I am having to replace him in her life which I don’t want to do but have to as I am her only daughter. She was never a mixer & doesn’t have any real friends & didn’t belong to any clubs so it’s very difficult


Im sorry to jump in here. But ive recently lost my dad and am going through exactly what you have just described. It gave me a bit of comfort knowing im not the only one. So i hope it gives you the same. Sorry for your loss xxxx

I can understand why youd be confused. But i suppose its better to have a better relationship than a worse one. Sorry for your loss and all the best xxxx

I find I’m in the same situation as you describe, it’s difficult isn’t it. My dear dad passed away end of September and it’s all still pretty raw