Remembering my gorgeous wife

My wife Bronwyn passed away suddenly,y on May 23rd 2020. I found her already gone on the floor. I feel sad that I never had the chance to say goodbye to her, these are some memories of her

Always love you my darling soulmate and hope we will meet again.


I am so sorry. Was Bronwen the lady who sang ‘that old devil called love’ on here a while ago? .She was very talented, and clearly had a sense of humour too. I have Welsh blood but can’t sing like that.
My heart goes out to you. Ann

Hi Ann, yes she was singing in the other video I posted. It’s been 15 months now and I still have a cry, it was so unexpected and she had just turned 62, I can’t sing either so don’t worry. I’m glad I’ve got so many memories of her, she had a very dry sense of humour.

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Beautiful videos of your wife. We’re in this journey the same amount of time I cry every day for my husband x
Take care

Thank you Kim, the pain doesn’t go away does it? im sorry your in this club that we didn’t want to join, people say to remember the memories but I miss everything about her.

I still can’t accept she’s not here with me.

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Hello Chas, your wife is lovely, my beautiful lady passed in June 2020, it was expected so I was lucky she died in my arms, so sorry you couldn’t say goodbye, I just survive until we meet again. My best regards, Kev.