Well we had a lovely time in Manchester yesterday and chatted for 2 hours in the Sun.
One or two were nervous but we overcame that as we were a small group.
Thank you to Ruth, Julie and Ron for a wonderful time. We all managed to laugh and cry at the same time. I felt as though we met as strangers but parted as friends. I hope others in different areas can do the same thing. We all agreed that the hardest thing in grief is the loneliness.
Here’s to our next meet up.


How wonderful that you all met up! Are you all from Manchester? I’m so pleased for you all being ready to take that step! So glad you had a lovely time! X

This sounds really nice and I am so pleased that it went well. Yes, I also think the loneliness is one of the horrible things about grief, it your own grief and no one else have the exact same feelings.
Hope you meet-up again and laugh and cry together.
S xxx