As I’ve posted on here many times I lost my partner to cancer 8 months ago. I have always had an open mind to everything and many times a robin has appeared when I’ve been thinking about her but this morning was somehow different. I was out the front of my flat, where I now live alone, with thoughts of her running through my head when I suddenly became overwhelmed by a huge sense of guilt. A robin appeared and sat on the grass right in front of me. Was that her telling me I shouldn’t feel guilty?


Peter that’s beautiful and I can appreciate that you know that the robin came so close and was telling you not to be afraid or worry you will feel better day by day. Bless you for sharing.S xx


Hello @peterj

Whilst I was washing up looking out the window and thinking of Martin, a Robin appeared and sat on the bird table looking in at me, this made me smile as it felt he was letting me know he was still looking out for me.
Amy x


When people used to tell me about Robins - when one appears a loved one is near - I used to think how crazy is that. But since losing my husband when I see one in the garden I say “hello babe” as though he has been reincarnated into a bird !! My neighbours must think I’m crazy but in a funny way it does give me comfort thinking he could be close. Although he’ll always be firmly in my heart :heart: anyway but if one tiny bird makes me smile then he’s done his job.

Georgina (crazy lady)


I’ve always said that robins were visitors from heaven and the reason I put bird feeders into my garden was to try & encourage them in.
I lost my husband in the early hours of Boxing Day. In the afternoon I was standing by my patio doors looking out into the garden & a robin landed on one of the feeders. Every time another bird came near it launched at them. My husband had always loved his food so we laughed (through the tears) saying it had got to be him. I often have robins now gradually coming closer

Both myself and my daughter who lost her mother in law last year Have had Robins suddenly appear in our gardens and yes I go out and talk to mine .

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Another one here who gets an almost daily visit from my lovely, late husband in the form of a Robin.

Mr Wingingit was a huge bird lover and spent hours feeding them and watching their daily comings and goings.

My Robin can be almost be hand fed as he is so tame and fearless (just like Mr. Wingingit).

He brings me such a lot of pleasure in these difficult times, that he must surely have been sent from heaven.

Without doubt, in my mind @peterj, that little Robin was your partner telling you to stop torturing yourself with feelings of guilt.

We all know more now than we did then and hindsight is a wonderful thing - just not very helpful in times of grief.

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I was having a coffee this morning with nobody else around me. Suddenly a very wet robin came and sat opposite. It had obviously been in the river so spent quite a time preening itself. I like to think it was sent by Ian to keep me company.

Julie x

@Trixie1 : Almost certainly Julie!
They do have this knack of appearing at timely moments.
I find them a great source of comfort.
How lovely of Ian to send you a little companion to share your coffee break.

Thank you Trixie for sharing. I like to think that they appear at stressful times when you’re thinking of you’re lost loved one. That’s how it seems to me anyway.

I just wish a robin would appear more often. Most days I spend time sat in one of our favourite places and as I turn the car off, I’m willing a robin to appear. Sadly, all too often it doesn’t. Perhaps I’m expecting too much from Ian.

Take care,

Julie x

Hi Trixie1.

Strangely I haven’t seen a robin lately either. He used to seem to come at really stressful times for me usually at times when I was having a particular bad day after Jo passed away. I’m sure he’ll be back.

@Trixie1 and @peterj :
To be fair, I do “cheat” a bit and tempt them in with suet balls - lots of suet balls and tiny suet pellet bits!
I am though, simply taking over where Mr Wingingit left off.
He was convinced the whole of the UK garden bird population was his responsibility to feed and I do it now in his memory as it was so important to him.
I miss him so much.


I love the idea that Mr Wingingit felt he had to feed the entire bird population, it did make me smile. Ian always kept the bird feeders full and I’m sad to say that I’ve don’t do that. I rarely go in the garden as it brings back too many memories of our happy life together.

I’m sat in one of our favourite haunts but no robin yet……

Julie x

PS I’ll let you know if one appears.