Rock Bottom

Hi All, After losing my wonderful wife suddenly 7 and half months ago, The last few days I seem to have hit rock bottom yet again, the last couple of months I have had a few good days, although Hilary never leaves my mind every second of the day I have thought things may be looking up, but I am back to crying at the drop of a hat again, the pain in my gut, I cannot think positive any more, miss her like crazy, cant see my life taking shape without her, and although it was my idea for me, my daughter and son in law and 2 Grandchildren to get away for a week during the school holidays I no longer want to go, it turns my stomach to think I am going away without Hilary, I know that she would want us to go and that was one of the reasons I first suggested we book a break, but the closer its getting the more anxious I am getting about it, but I don’t wont to let my family down, I just wish and hope my outlook changes, Thanks for the rant. Mickere

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@mickere hello, like you said ’ your wife would want you to go’ it will probably do you the world of good, making new precious memories with your family. I’m sure your wife will be with you, watching over you all.
It’s so very hard when we loose our loved ones, absolutely turns our world upside down, lost my beloved Mam who was my everything 8 weeks ago, my life will never ever be the same. I have 2 grown up children that are amazing and my husband, but still feel so lonely without my best friend :heart:
Try to keep positive :pray: