It’s been 5 months since I lost my husband of 40 years.
The first weeks were horrendous. Then after Christmas I went back to work. Having a busy job has kept me occupied but I feel everyone thinks I’m doing well and have got over his death (I havent)
I’m planning social events and holidays but underneath I’m struggling.
People say they can smell or feel a love one…I can’t
I miss him so much. He was a well loved man and many people miss him but I never thought he would leave me. How can I be alone with so many family and friends around me.:broken_heart:


I know i have so many friends and family around me yet i feel so alone. I lost my mum last december work keeps me busy which is good but being busy also not good for when we have our quiet time it hurts so much .how people just get on i dont know . I struggle but i think people think i am ok. Having people who truly get me helps but its hard finding them. Sue ryder is a great community knowing people do actually understand . Its good to talk

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I don’t expect to ever ‘get over’ losing my Richard but I hope to learn to live a life which is still worthwhile even without him by my side. Of course I’ll never stop missing him or wishing he was still here and certainly never stop loving him but I have two wonderful daughters who were made with my love for him and his for me.

Sending you hugs
Karen xxx


@JackieJ, yes, i have gone back to work to try to get on with life. The quiet times are the hardest as these are the times we spent with our soulmates, so i have to accept for the rest of my days to feel the loss of my love for linda. Feeling your sadness .