Rumbling rumbling

My lovely Jack died almost 2 years ago
There is no shock any more
Just pain, void and certainty that he won’t be back.

Last Friday it was our wedding anniversary. I felt sad and sorry for myself.

By coincidence one of our daughters was born on the same date. So the family can’t forget the wedding anniversary.
But what is interesting is that no one mentioned it!! It was as if by talking or mentioning dates connected with Jack would upset me! I am upset anyway

I have noticed that most people now don’t want to talk about Jack, they don’t want to : upset me, make me cry or feel sad!!! As if I need other people to remind me! I cry! I feel upset!! I am sad!!! Don’t need people to remind me of husband!

I remember Jack all the time! He is with me all the time - I cry, I feel sad and also upset!! Every cell of my body misses him. The world is different without him, my life is much the poorer and less exciting without him,
How I miss him!!! I how I wish I had the power to bring him back!! How I wish I could hear his voice and feel his touch

Well ! This is my rambling for the day!!
Thank you for listening
Sadie x


It will be two years in September that my beautiful man died,and my wedding anniversary is on Sunday, so our dates are very similar. I, like you, think of him every minute of the day. My life is a sad chore without him. No one mentions his name, no one wants to talk about him, no one ’ gets’ how we feel. I so resonate with all that you said in your post . That’s what makes this site so special, there’s always someone who has written in and you think that’s just how I feel and gain a little comfort


Dear Sadie, Reading your post, it struck me that I could have written it myself. It is EXACTLY how I feel, especially the paragraph about remembering him and missing your husband .
My thoughts are with you and I hope that both of us can find some sort of peace soon. It is what our husbands would have wanted for us.

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