Does anyone find friends dismiss your hurt and grief after a while? Sometimes I mention my husband’s name and my brother and his girlfriend never comment. They seem to want me to see a GP and get antidepressants which I interpret as them not wanting to be bothered with me. It’s such a lonely place to be in now. I pay to see a counsellor which feels like paying for permission to cry with a stranger.


I’m lucky to have some really good friends who don’t seem to mind what I talk about or whether I cry.

I did go out with some who didn’t mention my husband or continue the conversation if I did, which was odd since they were really his friends. Someone did say maybe THEY weren’t coping, which could be true.


Yeh its as if people get fed up of mentioning your loved ones name ! Just cos they have gone doesn’t mean we dont think about them does it ! And we are allowed to say their name if we want ! If they dont like it tell them to go home !! Lol xx


Yes I have this too. Now if I do hear from anyone (only ever via a messaging platform - not seen anyone since his funeral, only my mum when I drop her to the supermarket and my brother when I drop mum home) I try not mention him… They clearly don’t care. The idd time I have mentioned him, I dont get a reply … But I have to read/listen about their loved ones? - sending me photos of them all being happy - I don’t need that.
I shouldn’t have to refrain from talking about the most important person in my life with others… But I do.
I talk to him and talk to our boys (pets) about him.
I’m at the point that I can’t be bothered to respond, but do out of respect in acknowledging a message, I keep it simple x