Sad day

Today would have been my lovely husbands 70th birthday. We had such plans for this day but sadly he passed away 11 months ago tomorrow.
I’ve been through all the usual firsts and honestly thought I had coped well … today is different … today is hard. Please tell me it gets easier


Hi @Audrey54 - so sorry for your loss and the hard day that you’re having. I’m only 3 months down that path myself and haven’t hit any of the milestones yet. August will be the first 2, her birthday and also the day we set up home together 25 years ago. I hope it gets easier and I’m sure that it will, in time. It won’t be the same life that we had, but just because it’s different, doesn’t mean it can’t be good and contain happiness and peace for us. Best wishes.


@Audrey54 I’m so sorry for your loss. My wife was 69 when she died in October and her 70th will be at the end of May. Tomorrow is 6 months since she died and there are other dates this week. You are right, for you today and tomorrow will feel different and will be harder than others. You will have been adjusting to your new life, but milestones will ambush you even when you know they are there. We just have to go with them, they pass. Love and support for tomorrow.


I am so sorry. It is a milestone birthday and like you say, you had such plans and they have been taken away from you.
I don’t have any idea if it gets easier but I do know as time goes on it feels sad but less painful. I lost my daughter twenty one years ago when she was twenty two. I remember her milestone birthdays when she would have been thirty, then forty. They would have been birthdays when we would have had big celebrations. They were hard days but I had my husband to comfort me and Six months ago I lost him so now I don’t know. He would have been sixty eight in August. I wish with all my heart he could have made seventy and many more years after that too.
Life is so hard now.
You sound like you have coped well. I send you strength and hugs xx


Hello @Audrey54 sending love and hugs…I hope you get through today okay and that you have supportive family and friends around you. My sincerest condolences on your loss. My husband Robin passed 4.5 months ago so still yet to experience any related Anniversarys…

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Thank you everyone … I got through the day with a few tears and a longing to see my husband, which I know can’t happen. But it proves we can get through these difficult times and come out the other side. Stay strong everyone x