Sad song

As many of us having lost a partner and now living alone know weekends can be a very difficult lonely time. Today a good friend , who had sadly also recently lost her Dad, asked if I would like to go to the Cinema along with her two daughters in their twenties… it was a very kind invitation which I accepted. There wasn’t much choice of film so she suggested Mary Poppins Returns, probably not a film I would normally see as I imagined aimed at children but I guessed light hearted escapism which in the main it was. However not long into the film there was a. ‘song’ that brought tears to my eyes and I think would to many who post on this site. Her lovely daughter caught my sadness even in the dark , touched my arm and asked if I was alright. How perceptive and kind she was.
Sorry I’m not good at links but if you Google Ben Wishaw - A Conversation Mary Poppins Returns and you’ll get a YouTube link and be able to listen.
A little background the character had lost his wife and was bringing up three children mentioned in the dongt and he was in the attic sorting through things when he had ‘the conversation’ with his wife. Some of the words are relevant to the children in the film but the sentiments overall I think will strike a chord with all that have lost a loved one.
I’ve listened to it several times since I’ve been home and it still has the same effect on me. Tears.
I think some of you will feel the same as me about the unanswered question at the
Love to you all that are grieving for their lost loved ones.

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Hi Sadone
I read something on the whats your grief wyg website today about the Mary Poppins Film,it mentions that it covers grief in its storyline and actually does it some justice compared to some films that get it wrong,and i did listen to what you mentioned and the song mary poppins sings and i agree very touching and sad to hear,and the words strike a chord ,i also like the recognition in the film that nothing is gone forever,i believe that to be so true.Im pleased you watched the film with caring people who understand your sadness xx

Hi Sadone, I went to watch the film yesterday with my daughter, sister and niece. My husband died suddenly a month ago, and like you I too was in tears listening to the song. It was a very moving moment in the film. I also found the concept of going back in time hard too - if only …


Debra, maybe like me you were a bit surprised to be confronted by such a sad song in that film that I thought would be light-hearted - it swung me right back to how I feel most of the time at home.
I’m genuinely sorry for your loss it’s so recent for you and you’ll still be processing the trauma. My husband died just over five months ago from cancer diagnosed eight weeks earlier. I still can’t believe it’s real but the empty house and heart tell me it must be true.
We can only take some comfort in knowing we are not alone in our grief.

Thank you for your response Robina. It is true that in the noise, colour and show biz of the film there was an underlying message of caring and love within the family that I would wish all of us grieving could turn to.
I know I am fortunate in having so much support from family and good friends such as today.

Yes I have found great comfort since I have been part of this community. I guess I was surprised to be confronted by such a sad song. My lovely George was a widower before we married and my step daughter was with me. She is now 26 and has lost both parents. She seemed fine, it was me who was the blubbering wreck. Like your lovely husband George was diagnosed with cancer and died within 6 weeks. I think deep down I knew I was going to lose him but no one told us it was terminal. He died of a blood clot in his lung. They knew he had them but did not seem to actively treat it. I find that so hard to deal with. I am 52 and I just cannot imagine living my life without him, I am heartbroken. Xx

I am so sorry you did not have more happy years with your husband , you are so young to be mourning the loss of your dear husband. You must be devastated, noone really thinks about the person they love dying until it happens and then it’s like a tsunami. Would it have helped if you had known how long he had to live? I’m not sure . We knew on diagnosis it was terminal but not how quick it with be. My husband was brave and stoical in the face of his diagnosis, we thought he would have months but it was just short weeks. i relive those weeks every day . He told me I just had to accept it as he had done, I don’t know how he had the courage to do that.
It would be our 53rd anniversary in January , I was blessed to have had such a long marriage but however many the years the loss we both feel is just as great.
Even with the love and support of family and friends I am still struggling each day, I hope you will also have that help. Xx

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Hi Sadone, I agree I don’t think I would have wanted to know for definite it was terminal, at least I had a bit of hope and so did George. We had 14 years of a very happy marriage and I am blessed to have had that. I am trying to not think too much about the future it is too painful. I talk to him as if he were still here. I am youngish but I know there will be no one else for me, I would feel I was being unfaithful and I love him too much for that. I hope you have a peaceful New Year xx