My dad had been getting weaker at home where mum and I tried to care for him. He fell a few times and the last time he couldn’t get up, mum was on her own. She had to call paramedics even though dad was adamant that she didn’t because he so didn’t want to go to hospital. They took him away. He quickly became confused, caught covid in hospital and died a week later. We couldn’t go and see him because of covid and we’re devastated he may have felt abandoned. We saw him just before he died when the hospital called us . We sent him a card and called the ward twice a day to pass on our love. The pain of him just disappearing from our lives is so intense.

There are no words i can say to you that will ease your pain, I too lost my dad to covid 6 weeks ago, you will have waves of emotions. sometimes crying over the smallest of things

I talk to my dad, I cry, my life will never be the same again

Everyone on here understands your pain so never feel alone

Keep hold of your special memories

It was just so quick- I talk to him too- lie on his bed, tell him I love him.

I know what you mean my dad was talking on the phone to me from ICU on the 2nd of Jan, on the 5th he had died

I couldnt take it in, it didn’t seem real

6 weeks on I still can’t believe I will never see him again


I’m so sorry you’ve had the same tragedy. Xx