Have you noticed how people in general find have d to understand sadness?
I am feeling very very sad at the moment.
I have been crying a lot, I am finding I all I want is to go and be quiet
What I have found out about s was that if I say I am depressed people understand, if I say I feel low, alone I am understood but if I say I am said there is no understanding! I here comments like you have to be positive, you need to be brave!!
Gosh! I am just so very sad. I miss my Jack so much. During the day I have flash backs of situations and things we share.
I am sad that I am living without him, I am so sad that I will be moving to a house he never saw. I am having work done in the house and he my companion, my partner, my lover is not here to share this huge change with me!!
I am just sad
Sad that Jack can’t hold my hand and kiss me. Sad that I go for my walks alone! I am sad and I have learned to live with this sadness
Thank you for listening
Sadie xx

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