I just don’t feel like carrying on my sons partner said some really nasty things to me yesterday
My son is working with me in what was his dads company it’s been hard but now been told because of her job she’s got he has to be home by 5 also not allowed to do any Saturday mornings because I’ve got To give him Dad time

Because it’s my eldest grandsons birthday and his Granfer and I always took him for a meal as a treat he chooses a curry restaurant
Invited both her and son
I was told could not get s baby sitter, yesterday she text saying as her boys and my two grandchildren were not invited to the family meal she will never attend
Her boys would not eat curry nor would the young granddaughters and it’s not a family meal
She got really nasty
And to be honest I lost my temper too
Now my son is at logger heads with me and I just want to curl up and die
My husband not been dead six months yet and I had the inquest to get through which knocked me for six
I am just sitting here crying and feeling dreadful
Just wish my life
would end
Sorry just so down I just want to die and join my husband
June E

Hello June,
I am so sorry to hear of your loss and the difficulties you are having. You are on a very difficult and lonely journey, but you are not alone. Each of us who posts on this forum has suffered the loss of a loved one, and is each of us is travelling on that journey in our own way. I think you will find that you will grieve for your husband, for the comfort and strength and you drew from him, and your love and life with him for some little time yet. Please do remember that your son will be grieving too, and may not be himself at this time - it would be good if you can give some comfort to each other. I know from my own experience that letting go of our emotions and allowing the tears to fall can be very cathartic, and helps a lot. Whatever you feel is normal when grieving, but sometimes it helps to talk to some one - a trusted friend, your doctor, or a bereavement counsellor . Taking one day at a time can also be very helpful, and gradually you will find that your grief will start to ease a little and your future to brighten. Take care. Jayne xx

Thank you Jayne
I never thought I would ever need to phone the Samaritans, that’s what I did last night
My sister came and sat with me today just to make sure I was ok
I now on my own again and feeling that my life just not worth going on
People keep saying I would be missed
by who, not my son not his partner the only one who would has gone
I went away last weekend to my best friends birthday with my sister, yes there were tears but I felt so much better when I got home
Now I am feeling worse then ever
My life has been with my husband since I was 16 together 50 years and now I have nothing
He would never have let this happen
Words are cheap my son promised his Dad he would looked after me
Instead he’s making my life a misery
Love to you all
June E

Hi June, please don’t entertain thoughts like that. I did and it’s dangerous. I am here for you if you want to talk. I lost my husband 18 weeks ago, it’s so painful, but I have to carry on for our children, but I do have those thoughts

Thinking of you
Lesley xx

Hello Lesley
Just ca nt believe my son could be so cruel
I tried it having to take sleeping tablets but last few nights that’s the only way I can at least some sleep
My Brian would be sorry angry
I always felt safe with him by my side
Let’s hope things look differently tomorrow
Love June

Hello June,
Please hold onto the memories of your cherished husband. It is so very hard to summon the will to go on, especially when you are feeling so lost and lonely. But the will survive is very strong. It starts as a small flame flickering in the depths of the heart, and in time will grow in strength and intensity. I lost my husband 8 months ago, and I too have felt the urge to follow him. But I have come to recognise that he would have wanted me to go on, and build a new life from the ashes of the old. Sometimes I don’t feel too bad, others the slightest little thing will plunge me into the deepest despair and floods of tears. I, too, have taken sleeping tablets, but found that they only provide quite short term relief - and of course when you wake up in the morning, you have to confront the reality of being a widow once more. And there is no shame or embarrassment in contacting the Samaritans - I keep their number safely written in the back of my diary. It was given to me by my therapist, as a source of support to use when there is no-one else around.i don’t think I will ever get over my loss, but I do believe that the pain and grief will become less acute with time. To try and get through these early days, when I am low and unsure of how I will go on, I gently remind myself that all things pass, and so will this. I close my eyes and breathe deeply, and sure enough I start to settle, bit by bit. No one can travel this road for you, June, but I am sure that you will find your own way, as many of us have done. Take care, and keep in touch. I am here for you. Jayne xx