Saturday night

So, it’s Saturday night. A meal for one and a bottle of wine. This is awful isn’t it?


I know what you mean.
Sat here alone watching Gogglebox!
A Smoothie for a meal and half a bottle of wine left.

Jobs to do, but can’t get the motivation.

Oh how I miss my Valerie.


It’s awful isn’t it. I eat rubbish. No inclination to cook for one. Just fucking awful!!


I never know what I’m going to have. Single portions of fish, sausages, fish fingers with over cooked veggies. Maybe a jacket potato or chip( oven cooked). I used to enjoy cooking for two, now it’s a function.

My sister gave me a Delia book. ‘One is fun’. I can assure you it’s not!!


Same here, I always loved cooking a nice meal for us on a Saturday evening, then we would snuggle up on the sofa with a bottle of wine and watch TV, some people might find that boring but we always looked forward to it.
Now I just eat rubbish and feel horrible, even food has no joy for me now. How I miss my gorgeous man.


I’ve always hated cooking. Nothing I have tried has been a success. I even burned the fish gingers last week. Ding is probably the safest. My husband was the cook in our home. I now just eat to survive. At the present I just feel like I’m existing. I hate this feeling. I didn’t choose this life. I want him back as I’m sure all on this site wish the same. We have to walk this lonely road and support each other because after a certain amount of time family and friends move on with their own lives and assume we are capable of doing the same. Well I’m not and I don’t know when I will be x


I hate Saturday nights tele I all family shows. I just eat rubbish food it’s like comfort food. Went to cemetery today to see if any damage from wind luckily no damage flowers are ok. Told jim about fence coming down and asked him what I should do then I remembered a friend of ours said if I needed any help just ask so I called round to see if he meant it and he’s coming to fix it next weekend think Jim was telling me to go and see him xx

Can he come and do mine too?:joy::joy: