Saturdays are bad days

I get what you are saying kim…at the start I pushed down the traumatic memories …but they only just surface back up …as I’m finding at the moment …sending you a big viral hug …x

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Saturdays are always hard also for me, I found my wife dead on the floor when I came in, that was on May 23 this year, i dread them so much and im in bits everyday but Saturdays are a nightmare, she was well on the Friday, i know what your going through and the pain is unbelievable. sending hugs x

Hi I read your post about over payment to your wife omg there so quick to pick up on everything I had the same with the tax man owing them but they automatically took it from my tax great. Sorry for your loss must have been awful for you I say I had 3 days with Mick when diagnosed people say you had time with him really it’s heartbreaking sending you hugs x

Hi Kim, just wanted to say I hope you’re doing ok today and are hopefully able to remember the happier Saturdays that you spent with Mick.

Thank you Saturday night again

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Hello Kim - Saturday is over now and here I am still up at 2.45. Saturday is always very difficult for me too. You are in my thoughts and hopefully we can get through Saturday’s together. Alison

Thank you Alison sorry about your loss of your husband it’s always the bad things that go through my head with him passing x Take care

I HATE it when I see my mum has been on WhatsApp at 2.30am - she should be asleep, not awake late at night because she is sad my dad has gone. It makes me sad that you and Kim also have difficulty sleeping, just really wish none of you had to suffer the way you do.

Hi both sleep is an issue every thing goes around in your head not slept sine Mick passed nearly 5 months and not one for medication have tried other things but I don’t fight it anymore I’m sure we will get back to some sort of routine. Abdullah I hope your moms ok I know as having a son and grieving as well it’s hard your you .My son always says to me I wish I could help you more but no one can and as parents we should to helping you as well.

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Thank You- my difficulty now is sleeping too much. Going to bed very late & then getting up when the morning is nearly over. I will be going back to work soon so it worries me that I need to get into a more sensible routine.

Same I go back to work mid August I think it will pass the sad lonely days I work for the trust who failed my husband so it’s going to be hard x Take care x

Alison 2.I now sleep half the morning after going to bed late. I once slept til 3in the afternoon. It is my way of dealing with long dark days. From the day Ron died I found it easy to sleep to escape my grief. I do think though that I zm wasting my life sleeping but then I think What life?

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Going to work will probably benefit you, although for @Kim5 it will definitely be difficult given it’s the Trust that failed Mick. Yes, it’s difficult when we can’t help our parent as much as we can, we can try and be kind and give words of comfort, and that does help, but it doesn’t take away the grief, unfortunately.

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Awful we do what we need to do . Sending hugs xx

Aw I feel your pain. We must all use this group to share our true feelings. I often say to myself “Is this it then” when I get up. Grieving is so exhausting isn’t it. When do you even begin to tidy the belongings etc. I tried but it was too much for me. We are strangers united in grief so please keep sharing. Thinking of you. x

Abdullah - your must be so proud of you. You are sensitive to her feelings. Take time for yourself as you are grieving too. Is it just you & your mum?

Sorry meant to say your mum

Alison, I have two older brothers. The eldest has very bad depression, so he is struggling, but he doesn’t talk about it, he just stays silent, and the other has a very busy career, so that occupies him. I really hope that within a year I am able to sort out the housing situation so mum can start living with me as I don’t want her to be alone.

Hope you’re ok today.

Hi Abdullah- that would be wonderful for you and your mum to live together so that you can look after each other. So good that she has you and sorry that your brother is suffering with his mental health at such a time. I am struggling as we all are. Thank you kind of you to ask.

It’s difficult, isn’t it? I hope you’re able to get some sleep at a good time tonight so you can get back into a proper routine before you go back to work.