Scared and Alone

So I lost mum, mu best friend In January, misdiagnosed 3 times told not Lymphoma, the admitted they were wrong on Xmas eve, too late, she died on 10th January, questions now being asked asked about Covid 19. So my husband soulmate and rock has had a few back problems, 2 years ago he collapsed in crippling pain and was I hospital for 4 weeks outcome was swollen discs and long story short was always made aware could warned could impact control of nerves. He recovered well, However today collapsed losing all control his nerve endings have lost contact with his spine and brain, he was I local hospital, and staff were amazing keeping me informed, he needed a blue light transfer to a spinal unit and paramedics let me go in ambulance to put my arms around him, I am scared beyond belief I cant loose my rock, and worst of all the only person I want to talk is my mum. Lou x

Oh no louise. What a scary time on top of losing your mum just a few months ago. We have spoken before and the thought of losing one of my few loved ones since the trauma of losing my mum last june fills me with terror.
Are you being kept well informed about your husband?
Who do you have to support you? I know its hard while you are supposed to be living in lockdown.
Please carry on talking on this site to find a listening ear. I hope to hear some quick improvement in your husbands condition
Cheryl x

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Praying for you Louise, praying so hard :pray:


Louise, what an horrible thing to happen and I can well understand that the only person you want right now is your mum. I do hope your husband recovers well even if it takes time, he will be there with you. Can you communicate with him by phone or Skype which would help you just to hear his voice. It does seem he’s well cared for so don’t let your imagination run away with its self, you sound to be a strong and sensible person, which is what your mother would have said, so hold on, he will be proud of you for being strong. Be careful for yourself and try to eat well and sleep lots.
Take care, blessings to you.S

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Ahh Louise. You poor soul. My heart goes out to you. I know I have been there in a similar situation and the searing crippling panic and fright of feeling so alone is terrible. All you want is to talk to your mum. Same as me. But you know what? Your mum is with you. Call me crazy but I believe this and I still talk to my mum. I know you will find strength and cope and get through this terrible time. Take each moment as it comes and normality and routines help like making a cuppa putting a wash on. Keep as busy as possible as it will help you manage the fear. Your hubby is in very safe hands and we all pray for him. Don’t feel alone. We have all been there or are still in that position and we will all help you as much as you need us to. Sending you a BIG virtual hug please let us know how he is and how you are too. X

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