I have only just joined this site. On registering I gave a false name not sure how to go on with online things (yes I’m a silver surfer). But I now feel that I want to be me. My name is Belinda but my family and friends call me “B” so I am going to try and put a photo on as a means of you to recognise me. I am keen to post my feelings but think that this is the right thing to do first. Sorry for the subterfuge. I do need your help. Bx

Hello B. I’d like to say welcome but really I’m sorry you find yourself here. You’ll notice I called you ‘B’ because I consider everyone to be my friends on this site. I hope you get what you need from here - it’s given me the most peace and comfort.

I lost my husband very suddenly 19 months ago. From reading posts you will see where we all are in our grieving, some in the murky thick fog and others where the fog is lifting a little but knowing that we will walk in the mist for the rest of our days.

Sending you love xx

People use pseudonyms on Internet forums for all sorts of reasons. Indeed, it is probably a sensible thing to obscure one’s real identity so long as it’s not done for nefarious reasons. I think that the general instructions on most sites (including this one) advise such a course, as do many other organizations with an interest in online crime.

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