Season struggle

Hi this is my 1st post. So im fairly new in getting help with grief Heartbreakingly I lost my mum in October this year and then my Grandma 4 weeks later in November. I honestly thought i would be ok but today (Christmas day) has been horrendous. It was a favourite time of the year so did my best to like it but couldn’t help miss the two lovely people who were and are visibly mission from our lives


Hi. I’m so sorry you’ve experienced the loss of two such important people so close together, that must be awful beyond words. I can understand to some extent what you’re saying - I lost my mum at the end of Nov so everything is still very raw and we only had her funeral on the 21st then immediately it was Christmas. I feel like I’m having to put on a massive front for the kids but you’re right, it’s absolutely horrendous. I’m constantly choking back tears and I just want to crawl into bed. I know she wouldn’t want that though so I’m just trying to do the best I can. I suppose that’s all we can do xx


Thankyou for your message, I had my mums funeral at the end of November. and because of the wait, we cant have my Grandmas funeral until the 3rd January. just feel so lost without them both not even sure how to even feel anymore. I’m still making myself to go into work which is difficult as some days i just want to be left alone

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Gosh that is a long wait for you and must be difficult. Have you taken any time off work? I know its sometimes good to have routine though. I have no idea how to adjust either, it’s so different. I understand wanting to be left alone too x

I ended up having to take a month of work, i also work at the hospital which is tough at times. but just really needed to be back in a routine to get out of the house and to get some part of my life back. its really hard moving forward etc.

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