Seasonal Special Thoughts

Just wanted to send my special thoughts to everyone on this site. I hope everyone manages to get through Christmas Day and Boxing Day with some peace in their hearts and memories of special times. I woke up this morning, whilst dreadfully sad, reminding myself how lucky I was to wake up to warmth and comfort. Not every one is so lucky. I have just donated two places for two people at Crisis at Christmas in memory of my Dad who died recently and also my Mum, who were my only two close relatives. I would love to be sharing lunch with them again but like to think that someone else will benefit. I will also be making a donation to Sue Ryder too. Keep strong everyone whatever you may be doing. Julie


Hello Julie, beautifully put and good of you to think of others at this time, I can only add my best wishes to everyone, Alan

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Hi All,

I can only third Julie’s lovely message and wish everyone a peaceful day. My thoughts are with you all.

Mel x

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Wishes of peace and tranquility as far as possible to everyone.

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That is a wonderful thing to do Julie, it is the true spirit of Christmas…I am humbled by this kind action. I wish you and everyone on this site light and peace for the coming year.

Hi Julie,

Thank you for your kind words to the users of this site on Christmas Day. And thank you so much also for making a donation to Sue Ryder - your support makes a real difference in helping to provide incredible care in our hospices, as well as keeping this site up and running and keeping it a safe and supportive place.

I hope that Christmas went as well as possible for you, and best wishes for the new year.

Thank you Priscilla. Incredible care is so true. It is good to know that donations help this site, which I think is so helpful to everyone.
Wishing best wishes for the New Year and thank you for all your hard work. Julie

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