Second Xmas

its my second xmas and 20 months without dave and although i am used to it now, its still hard and i still miss him and wish he was here.

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Hi @SueF1
This is my 1st Christmas with Kevin and although it is only 6 months i miss him terribly and it will be hard without him around.
We were married 35 years togrther 38 and i had to do our 36 anniversary in August on my own and my birthday in October. So hard when he spoiled me on special days and him not here to do so.
But i have got though these times it has not been easy but i have survived them
Last christmas we were together in Australia with family this year so different here home alone but i have memories :heart: of last year to help me get through dark days. I still cry and i guess i always will when things get to you.
All i can say is Christmas :christmas_tree: is just another day and will be over soon.
Sending hugs :two_hearts:
Take care
Lynne Xx