Seeking Friendships Near and Far

Dear All,

Looking for True Friendships.

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Hi Sarrah I like you are looking for genuine friendship ,since my wife passed away November 2018 simple things like eating fish and chips by the sea ,drives in the country,walking my little dog with company all been put on hold, regret not spending time now with my wife on these simple things.
I am 70 on my own except for little dog finding company seems difficult after 43 years of marriage then the two of us were all that mattered,some may say join a group not really a group person,looked at adverts in paper odd ones seem genuine others a little dubious.
In this day and age meeting the right person just for friendship seems miles away from the 1970s when I met my wife me 24 her 22 I loved her and missing her so much ,I do not want another permanent relationship as I say just someone to enjoy the simple things again.
Hope and wish you well in finding friendship as I do MM69


I do understand, Sarrah and MM ,
We lead a lonely life, however, I am much older than the majority of the members of this group, housebound, and would not be able to make a committment to any new friendship. I hope that both of you find what you are seeking,
My very best wishes,

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Hi, Friendships online, it does not matter what age you are x


Hi Hannah,

How are you doing x

To all, being lonely is my dread, no pal at coffee in Costas, no giggles as I misbehave in the chippy restaurant, so bring the friendship on,
So as in a conference I stand an "hi I am Colin a widower at 63, after 44 years, I am a loony white haired Father Christmas knackered knees, seriously bad and mad sense of humour. Into decaffeinated now, and really want a conversation or two