Sending love at Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas and I’m sure many of you, as I do, wish that we could jump a day or two. It will be the second Christmas without my husband Clive and it doesn’t get any easier but I got through last year and I will get through tomorrow.
I saw this poem that I thought I would share with you

While the world rejoices and sings
with family and friends
Christmas time will never again
Be quite so magical for me
But as the night sky is filled
With choirs of angels singing,
I know that you are one of them
And the jingle bells you are ringing
As we hang decorations on the tree
And tuck into fresh mince pies,
We raise our glasses to toast
Our Angel in heaven high
This time was so special for us
So, I just wanted to say
That I’m thinking of you with love
This year on Christmas Day.

I am sending love to you all and I wish you a peaceful Christmas xx


Sending you strength and comfort. Our soulmates will always be with us, they will continue living through us, as we honor them in everything we do,wherever we go.

A peaceful Christmas to you too.


Thank you for the poem. This is the fourth Christmas without my husband and as you say it doesn’t get any easier. My family all live abroad so I’m completely alone. My friend has invited me for dinner tomorrow with her husband. I’ve agreed but actually I’m dreading it. People assume after so much time has passed you’re doing ok and strong but they just see the public face. Silently behind closed doors the story is different. Only the grieving can understand the pain and the tears that still flow. We will get through it and it will be another small victory in the process of healing. Xx


This. Is my third Christmas without Paul and I certainly don’t feel it gets easier. We just get better at pretending we are okay. I am doing my crying now before I go to lunch with my lovely family. I wish everyone in here the best Christmas that they can manage.