Sense of community

Hi I’m new to this site and would just like to say what a wonderful sense of community is shared on here. People giving advice, help and thoughts on life is very helpful to me and I’m sure it is to many others. I’m always interested in what other people think and what they’ve got to say on all sorts of things in life.
But help and advice for grief is especially important as many live with the constant unhappiness of it.
It was nice that I had several replies and its interesting what people have to say. Thank you all.


I have also recently joined , started my own convo and have also contributed to others convo’s.
But with that in mind I’m probably more of an observer, but it is lovely that there is such a good feeling across the treads. We all have ended up on here in times that we wish haven’t happened. But it’s so nice that we are able to chat, vent, be supportive and help others out.
Big hugs to all xxx

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A community starts to fail when it becomes about individualism and people only care about those with a similar outlook and experiences to them. That’s apathy, not empathy, and that leads to exclusion. Thankfully, this forum is a place where most people care passionately about helping others, regardless of anything else, and that’s what makes it such a welcoming place.

Robt, I am so sorry you have lost both your lovely mum and dad, that must be really difficult for you.

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Thanks abdullah

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