Set worth at an all time low

So I lost my mum a year ago to alcohol Abuse and always struggled with the fact that I wasn’t enough to make her want to stop. Why wasn’t I enough for her to want to stop and choose to live ?
I also find I struggle with it because I don’t have much contact with my dad yet he has 5 other kids who see him everyday? Why wasn’t I enough to make him want to stay.
I use to deal with those feelings because I had my mum and she was always my dad aswell but now because she choose alcohol over me I really don’t feel enough.

I went to see a counsellor to help deal with those feelings and I was getting better but I can now see these things starting to return like staying in a unhappy relationship just because I feel like I’m not good enough to get anyone ever again.

Has anyone else struggled with self worth and tips to help it. I’m 22, and I don’t want to be feeling like this

Hi Abae

One of my close friends died of alcohol abuse 8 years ago when we were 42. She had two boys who were 15 and 17 and she loved them more than life itself.

She promised time and time again that she wouldnt have another drink but she did. The grip that alcohol had on her couldnt stop her from that last fateful drink. I know how much she adored her sons as I’m sure your mum loved you so much

It’s not as simple as stopping an addiction just because you want to live. I cant explain about your dad but is there any chance of repairing your relationship?

Perhaps reaching out to him now that your mum has gone?


I speak to my dad but rarely, and I’m always the one calling him, because he’s to busy. I’ve tried but it doesn’t look like it would ever be much of a relationship apart from a call once every 3 months.

but With my mum just wish I was enough, I know she loved me that is something I’ve always known but shouldn’t of love be enough. X I guess it’s something. I would never understand unless I was in her place but my head always makes me doubt.
Thank you x