Several losses

My mum died in December 2020 from covid at the age of 92. 3 weeks later my brother in law died from covid. In October 2021 I lost my best friend who I had been close to like sisters for 49 years. Then this year auntie died. I had to leave work due to ill health in May 2021. All in all very mixed emotions. The two people I went to for a chat or with a problem, my mum and friend. Feel I have lost my anchors on life.

Hi Sparklesue, I’m so sorry about all your losses, one is bad enough, but 4 doesn’t bear thinking about, have you anybody to support you ? Joining a bereavement group where there are people who are suffering like you might help, Sue Ryder also has a counselling service, which you could use, the waiting time isn’t too long, hopefully this group will help, sending love and hugs Jude xx

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Thank you. I was not aware that there was an actual sue ryder bereavement service and will definitely look into it

You have had such a dreadful amount of loss. It can be overwhelming and debilitating.
I get what you have said about anchors.
I have similar circumstances. In three years, I lost four of the people who were my anchors.
Be kind to yourself. Grief is painful. I feel like I am walking in quicksand sometimes.

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