She's now home

The pain as bad as the night I lost my beautiful girl. I’ve just collected her from directors after they misplaced her ashes for 2 months. I drove home in tears and now the pain is just so much…


Hi Jay, I am sorry that collecting her ashes has brought all the pain back. It must be a very difficult day for you, and having to wait two months after they made a mistake could not have helped. I am glad (if that is the correct word) that you at least came here to talk about it, because I recall you saying before that talking about your grief was helping slightly. Really hope the pain gets a little less.

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I have tears for you now Jay…I continually wonder in awe at just how much one person can love another. I thought I knew from my own experience but no, my love for my beautiful husband grows continually every day. I brought my husband home like you, only him and I shared a bus ride. I’d never thought about the weight of the scatter tube. I didn’t hide a single tear as we walked along the street to home. He sits where I’m able to touch and talk. Forever mine and he is worth every single tear I’ve already shed and will do for as long as I live.
All I can do is wish you peaceful moments, that’s what I craved too, kindest regards, xx


Hi Jay I hope you find some comfort down the line.

Hello Rainbow such a very emotional post. We were married nearly 51 years and I do so agree with you my love for my Ron gets stronger every day I didnt think I could love him any more than I already do. I have him home and. when it is my turn we will be scattered together . It is 4 years ago he passed and I miss him every day and always will. Sending love an hugs to you. xxx Carol xxx


Thanks Carol, love and hugs so appreciated tonight. Maybe because I can recall the feelings, thoughts and images of how I walked these same paths, within the last three years, it makes me so emotional. Sometimes we cannot share our grief because it’s too painful…that’s just how it is.
Keep your lovely man close, kindest wishes, xx

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