Been having a bad couple of days, OH birthday yesterday, anxiety and depression really dipped, I was having really bad panic attacks today and rang crisis, like they told me to in distress, I got a real telling off that I should know my grounding techniques by now and stop ruminating, I said I was very depressed to focus at moment, she was going to visit but didn’t see the point,and told me their discharging me next week, leaving me hooked on diazepam, I’m gob smacked how hard faced and mean she spoke to me, but I’ve read on posts here you need to try and face it with courage, day by day so I’m trying, I’m really trying


Hi, you can put all your feelings on this site and others will try to help you in a kind way. We can vent, admit we want to join our o/h, anything without being judged. Most of us feel very similar to you and as you say, all we can do is keep trying and keep sharing . X


Thanks, I’ve found great compassion and good advice here, you can be doing well one minute and then go downhill with grief, you have to ride the waves, Ill have to be careful who I turn to in distress, I don’t need pity but derby mental health had no empathy today!

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Dear Bugiz, I am so sorry that you are having such a bad time and have no help where you actually expect to get help. We are here to listen to you and we are here for you. We all go through the terrible pain of losing someone we loved dearly. Do you have friends or family who can be with you? Hugs from Anna


Thanks @Annaessex I do have supportive family, although I wanted to take burden off them getting myself help, my mum lost my dad 20years so she’s give me honest advice, I find reading posts on here help me not feel alone too