Short Break Away

Has anyone gone for a short break after the funeral. Its my sons 18th in September, we were supposed to be going to a large cottage for an extended family holiday and both my boys were both going to do the zip wire, that’s cancelled. Don’t know if I could manage a break ( thinking glamping) but don’t want his 18th to be all negative images.

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Hi Taff - I understand how you feel. Perhaps doing something that you have never done before might be helpful to you & your son. + create some new memories for you & your son. You have time before September to maybe feel a bit better about booking something. It is an awful time at the moment for you both. Wishing you well. Take care, Alison.


I’d wait I told nearer the time and see what and who you can cope with.

Hi Taff, I went away just after my sons funeral, last year. Unfortunately for me it was too soon. The holiday was booked before my son died and although we made a few changes it still felt wrong for me. The hardest part was coming home, it was almost as if I expected my life to go back to ‘normal’ when I got home and that my son would be there.
Do something nice to celebrate your sons birthday, but only what you feel comfortable with so that you can have happy memories. Take care.

@Taff I went away for my sons first birthday after passing. To be honest I do t think it matters if you’re home or away on birthdays/anniversaries, the memories are always with you.

He would have been 30 in July and me and my family just got together for coffee, I’d been crying all
Morning but managed to hold it together when we met up.

No one can tell you what to do, it’s a completely personal choice, and sometimes I’ve made arrangements but then had to cancel. All
I’ll say is don’t put pressure on yourself xx