Short illnesses

I don’t know if it’s because I am experiencing it that I am noticing it more but I feel like I keep reading of people having a very short time between diagnosis and passing.
Also cancer travelling to the brain being very common. It makes me question what is going on in the world :disappointed: Is anyone else noticing this?


Yes!!! I lost my lovely precious Mum a year ago this Sunday coming. It too was after a very short illness. My Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died three weeks later. My lovely Dad then died 9 weeks later. This has been the worst year of my life, but God knows how I am still standing.
Sending you all my love x

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Hi ACG1,

I have also noticed this. My father was diagnosed with cancer in September 2022 and passed away 8 weeks later and prior to that he had no significant symptoms.

My sister in law’s mother was then diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2023 and passed away three months later. Similar to my dad, no warning that she was unwell.

Prior to it happening to my family I thought that a terminal diagnosis and passing away shortly after was a rare occurrence. I sadly know differently now.

I do wonder if I now have a heightened awareness of it so pay more attention when I read about it. It’s very sad and frightening that this can happen so quickly and seemingly out of no where.


Hi Fifi73,
My Mum had the same time just a month ago (suggested diagnosis 3 weeks before leaving us as never had the opportunity for a biopsy). At only 62 with no previous symptoms, we had no time to process it at all :disappointed:
I’m so sorry to hear you have lost both your parents so rapidly, life is so unfair and cruel. Sending you so much love and strength xx


Hi Katherine86,

My Mum also had no prior obvious symptoms. She had some sinus issues but we thought that was just a seasonal cold. Now we will never know as she was unwell so rapidly they didn’t get a chance for diagnosis. However it was suspected cancer that had spread. It has come as a total shock to all of us as she was the glue that held our family together and we didn’t see this happening for years yet!

I just keep hearing of people aged between 50 and 65 having very rapid illnesses and like you said, it’s so scary! I hear people saying we are living longer but I am not seeing this at all?

Sorry to vent! I’m so sorry for your loss, sending you strength xx


Hi ACG1,

I’m so sorry. It’s a terrible shock to lose a parent so suddenly. My dad was also the centre of our family,my parents married for 50 years and now my mum’s a widow. It’s difficult on so many different levels.

I think there is the general consensus that modern medicine can fix anything and we will all live into our 80s and 90s and it’s not always the case.

My brother thinks differently to me and when I say that my dad should be here he will tell me that there is no such thing as should and that the universe doesn’t care about me. He isn’t saying it in a callous way he is just less emotional and more matter of fact. He says it is random whereas I look for reasons as to why this happens.

It’s very confusing.

Sending best wishes,