Sibling loss help please

My big sister passed away a few weeks ago suddenly at 24 and as an 18 year old I have never dealt with death. But I feel numb sometimes and then there’s waves of sadness and I’m still in shock that’s shes gone. But I feel I have to be strong for my dad and my little sister who’s 16 who’s struggling as she bottles it up. Any advice would help!

Don’t bottle it up. Approach st Helens Hospice and try and get some free counselling even if you don’t think you need it . Counseling isn’t the be all and end all , nothing is in this situation but it helped me when my teenage son died and I wish I’d had some when my dad died when I was myself your age . Dont rush , it’s early days .And although I understand you want to be strong for your dad and sister , make sure that they don’t unintentionally over burden you /lean on you too much . Think about yourself as well as others . Youve suffered a great loss too . Dont be afraid to ask for help and dont be embarrassed to show your emotions . And my thoughts are with you and your family at this particularly early and raw time . Paul.

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I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your big sister. The numb feelings, shock and waves of sadness that you describe are all very normal parts of grief. Please don’t feel that you have to be strong - expressing your grief might actually be helpful to your little sister, as it might make her feel more able to do the same herself.

You might also find it helpful to check out an organisation called Grief Encounter for help for you and your sister - it has support aimed at teenagers and young people, including a helpline and an online chat service with a counsellor:

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So sorry to hear of your stay a out her to your younger sister .keep her dreams and the good times you had alive.its good to remember the fun times you had .ano your hearts hurting.please hold on in there .Angel’s looking down on you