Sickness after a loss

Last year I lost my mother in a car crash and my father very shortly after. It was a massive shock to me and my family, and still continues to be one.
But the reason I wanted to post this is to ask if anyone else has been ill after losing a loved one?
After about 6 months of them passing, I started to get sick. It’s one thing after cystitis twice then a viral Flu, two kidney infections, shingles and now a chest infection.
I don’t feel I will ever get over losing mum and dad, and wonder is this why I am constantly sick? I cry for them to come back nearly every day (silly I know) but I can’t bare life without them. I have a good husband, wonderful kids and nearly 5 beautiful grandchildren, and yet my life feels like the main part is missing? I feel as though I have gone back in time to when I was a child and need my mum and dad more than ever.
Time is supposed to heal, but it’s not healing me.

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Hi Candy,

Sorry to hear about all the illnesses you have suffered on top of your parents’ deaths - you really have been through such a lot.

To answer your question, yes, grief can have physical effects as well as mental ones. You have been through a huge shock, and it is not surprising that you are feeling run down.

Here are some past conversations on this site where people talked about the physical effects they had experienced:

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