Significant events

It’s my birthday next week and that of my wife 5 days later. It’s a long time ago since it meant much to either of us but I usually remembered to get a card. I found some of the ones I bought many years ago in a drawer. I will probably think about it a bit more this year but I will not be making it a big deal.
There are some things which will have a much bigger impact but they are generally events or things that may happen.
If it snows then I know that will have a big reaction. My wife loved snow. She loved to open the curtains to a valley full of snow and be out immediately to walk in the fields.
We used to search the garden for the first snowdrop, the first daffodil or the first grape hyacinth. These were significant things. Add to that the first lambs in the fields over the wall, leaves appearing, the days getting longer. These are all things that will affect me and I know it.
With all the talk of Christmas and New Year recently I wondered if anyone else had significant events or moments rather than those on the calendar. For me last year was a very sad year but it was lifted by the joy of a new grandson and all that will entail. My granddaughter also showed me how to Floss… it’s a dance. One of my grandsons scored four tries in one game and I was watching. Little pockets of light in the dark.

All the significant things you mention are natural and regular occurrences, maybe that’s because every day without our loved ones is significant.

On my husband’s birthday last year I bought a card and stood it by his photo. On my birthday I found a card he’d sent to me from a previous year and I stood that up too. On our wedding anniversary I did the same. I’m so glad I kept cards…

The other day I was trying to sort out the boxroom and I found boxes of stuff the kids had done at school. It looks like they were put in boxes and then never looked at again, not by me but by my wife. I spent ages reading through. Lots of handmade cards for Christmases past, Birthdays long gone, pictures, exercise books full of ‘topics’ etc. I didn’t throw them away. I think I will pass them on to the kids. I remember my mother did that to me and I’ve still got a couple of things.
I wonder if my wife ever looked through the boxes. I’d have just binned them years ago but now now… not quite as easy.
I wish I could still be portrayed as a stick man.

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