These past few days there has been a little bird, not a sparrow, I think it is a thrush with a spotted breast. It has been following me around whilst I have been in the room and kitchen, bobbing up and down on the window bottom, I can walk to the window and it sits there looking at me, flies to the garden table and flies back to the window. When I am in the kitchen it does the same, I can see it sitting on a tree branch and then it flies over to the window and starts pecking on the glass. I at first thought it was injured but if it can fly to the table it can’t be. Then a few weeks ago there was a squirrel, standing on it’s back legs with its front paws on the window. I would like to think it is Peter sending me a message because a bird or squirrel would not stay put when someone walks up to the window and looks straight into its face, they bob up and down all along the window ledge.

It’s here again now, pecking away. I tried taking a photo but it did not show up.

Lovely experience though.




One of the things that has kept me relatively sane and mentally healthy is the bird feeders in my garden. I nearly collapsed last December when I was told by a pair of people who live here that I had to take all my bird feeders down.

Thing is, a week before, I left the house one day and bumped into a bloke with a pest control sweatshirt outside, looking very puzzled. He told me someone at the end of the block of barns I live in had heard animals in their roof and he didn’t know whether it was rats or squirrels.

I said, I can tell you it’s rats for sure, because last year my husband and I spent a fortune securing the drains from rats getting into and out of them, and this year they have tunnelled into the garden under the fence. I’ve never seen a squirrel here, I think because they are scared of the cars. But rats are inevitable on farmland. I showed him the garden, the bird feeders and the tunnel the rats had made.

So it was that I got generally blamed for the influx of rats by everyone. I was told by a bossy, nasty neighbour that I had to take all my feeders down, else I would get sued.

So, to keep the peace, I took the feeders down. I felt really lonely without the birds. Jim and I loved the birds in the garden, but he died here on 15th September 2020.

Then on Jan 1st, I put the bird feeders back up. Assuring everyone I could that rats only wanted fat balls, so I filled the feeders with nuts and stuff.

Now, the miracle I saw is that some birds have made a nest in our drain pipe, so I’m waiting eagerly for the chicks. I feel blessed, because we thought we had a nest in 2020, but it’s possible the local farm cat got it. He’s at least 18, he’s been wandering around the place ever since I got here in 2006.

The cat, Puddy Cat we call him, because we fed him too at times, can’t scale the drain pipe. He wouldn’t dare because the dogs would chase him away.

The nest is such solace to me in these terrible times, when I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I’m planning to move away soon, to a home in a village, and leave this place that is full of a bunch of people with big ideas and tiny minds.

Christie xxx

We too once had blackbirds nesting in the corner of our carport, we saw the birds coming and going with stuff in their beaks. One afternoon there were six blackbird chicks all lined up on the carport trellising next to their parents, we had tears in our eyes as one by one they flew off, we think they had come to say goodbye as we had left them alone in all the time it had taken them to build their nest, lay their eggs, feed the babies and then let them go. Nature is a wonderful thing.

Regarding the bid feeders, we had to take ours down too as we saw rats running along our back garden, picking up the nuts and running away with them. After we had cleaned the ground of everything, we never saw rats again.

I checked on the web when you said rats only like fat balls but it said if nuts can be eaten by humans and birds then rats can also eat them, so in fact, your bird feeders like ours was the cause of rats.

I too miss feeding the birds but I have some flowering hedges and an elderberry bush that turn to berries later in the year and the birds eat them.

Hi everyone i lost my wife 4th February this year to covid we hhave a motorhome and we wanted to tour around Scotland and Wales the lake district when lockdown was over but that dream went when she passed away but my family say do it its what mum would of wanted so i got my motorhome ready and came away with one of my sons i have a book with pictures of my wife mo and our family and grandchildren well last night on the 28th April me and my son was sitting in the van my book of mo was on the bottom shelf of 3 when from out of nowhere a white feather came and floating down and came to rest in front of the book i looked at my son and said did you see that he said i dont believe thats just happened if thats not a a sign i dont no what is take care xx


Hi all,
I got a sign from my mum last night, she passed away 7 months ago, she had cancer and was receiving palliative care.

One of the things I told her in the last few days and while she was still sound of mind was that she’d been the best mum ever.

Anyway for the last week I have been painting the front room, moved all the furniture and took all her stuff down and stored them in the spare bedroom.

Finally finished the job yesterday and started to move the stuff back, in the spare bedroom on the window sill there’s a small stuffed bear with a blue hat, it’s been there years, I’d seen it before many times, nothing special just a stuffed bear she’d picked up some time, not the sort of gift I would give her.

When I looked at the bear I just burst into tears, the grief came back, but at the same time I had the strangest feeling and thought there’s something about that bear and so I picked it up and still feeling the grief and with tears rolling down my eyes I went downstairs.

I stopped in the kitchen and examined the bear, under the rim of the bears hat I could make out some letters, I lifted up the hat so I could read what it said.
It said BEST MUM.
My tears turned into uncontrollable laughter, I think I laughed for 10 minutes straight, now if that’s not a sign I don’t know what is.
All the best and take care.

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How wonderful, that is all we need to keep us going. Also something for you to treasure. xx

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