Hi all I lost my husband 7months ago and like you all it’s been terrible trying to get trough this
Well last i was watching telly and this massive insect flew right passed me and on to the blind It then flew again right behind me and i got the fright of my life as i had never seen one up close
It turns out it was a dragonfly I looked it up and it says if one shows it’s self to you if you’ve lost a loved one it means your loved one is sending you a message to say that he is free from pain and that he will always be with you It also means Change Hope and new beginnings Wow!!! Now i feel guilty for being frightened x


I’ve seen a lot of buzzards up close since my partner died. I’ve looked it up and they can be quite spiritual. They show regrowth and change.


I do believe in what you are saying. My husband was on palliative care, I told him to switch the sitting room light on his birthday just to prove that he will continue to keep an eye on me. I had forgotten about that, until the light went off. Around 5pm, got a new light bulb, when touched the bulb to change it, it came on
I was screaming and laughing with Joy, and told him to continue to rest in peace until next year again😊

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