Silent Tears

Silent Tears

Each day as evening starts to set, the ache builds up in my chest
I know that I must go to bed and try to get some rest.
I hug my tearstained pillow close when no one is around
And cry for the one I loved and lost and scream without a sound.
Others see me in the day and think I’m doing well
But everyday as evening sets I enter my own hell.
Time hasn’t healed my pain at all or quieted my fears
So every night alone in bed I shed those silent tears.


I have shed a million tears and will shed many more.

@sad2 and @sheila26 with you. Nights and mornings are the worst for me.

Wong and Sheila26.
I’ve been awake since the early hours of the morning just laying there and thinking, imagining and wishing he was still here. Everyday I hope that the tears will ease, but they don’t, they just get worse… It’s just getting harder to cope.
Not done a thing for days, I’m just moping around with endless thoughts. I can’t even be bothered to wash the dishes, do the housework - why should I, no one can see I’m n my own.
Just wish I could motivate myself and try to get on with this new and horrible existence they call our new lives,
Hope you are having a better day.
Take care xx


Last night was just horrible. I contacted the Samaritans - just do not want this new life. I
need my husband and that is never going to happen.

Just got up and its a beautiful day and I have cried because he will never be here by side. Just so so sad.

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Oh sheila, that is so sad. Hope you are ok. Your husband wouldnt want you to be feeling that low. Try to do just something small each day. Its helps for few minutes. I have cleaned inside car today. Killed me but i did it. Now im indoors and crying cos im missing mel so much. Trying to do it for mel. X

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