Silent Tears

Each day as evening starts to set
The ache builds in my chest
I know that I must go to bed
And try to get some rest.

I hug my tearstained pillow close
When no one is around
And cry for the one I loved and lost
And scream without a sound.

Others see me in the day
And think I’m doing well
But every day as evening sets
I enter my own hell.

Time hasn’t healed my pain at all
Or quieted my fears
So every night, alone in bed
I shed those silent tears.


Alone 1 exactly how I feel every day

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@Alone1 Thank you for the lovely words. It reflects exactly how I feel. Love and hugs. x

Beautifully written.
Meaningful & reflective.
Exactly how I am feeling.
Thank you for sharing.
Sending big hugs & strength x

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Such a beautiful verse that echoes my feelings since the loss of my Wife of 31 years to Cancer 3 weeks ago.
Nobody close to me understands how deep rooted the pain in my heart is & i long to leave this world behind and be with her again.
I know it’s only a short time since she passed but i am struggling to see the point in carrying on without her.
She was my Sun, my moon & my stars & without her everything seems so pointless. She’s in my mind every second of every day & i can’t focus on anything else.
I am alone now with only my thoughts for company & a lot of time on my hands to contemplate life going forward, as it stands i really can’t see any positives.
Thank you for your beautiful words xx :broken_heart::broken_heart:

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