Hello folks.

This April 24th will be the second anniversary of my dear sister’s passing.

I’ve been told, and read that the pain diminishes over time, but for me this is simply not true.
Every morning I wake up is a gift (cliche I know), but it feels like a gift with thorns.
My heart still remains broken and I’m screaming inside. I put on a brave face when out in the wilderness but inside I’m still in pieces.

I know she would not want me to feel like this, and if she could tell me anything it’d be “suck it up, buttercup!”.

I miss her every minute I’m awake.

Apologies to unload here but I find it really difficult to talk about her to my family, and even my lovely wife of nine years.

Kia kaha people.

That’s Māori for stay strong.



I’m so sorry for the loss of your sister Linda, @Gawumpi42. I think a lot of our members will identify with what you’re shared with us here. Thank you for reaching out.

You’ve mentioned that you find it difficult to talk about her to your family and wife. We offer free counselling at Sue Ryder, if you feel some one-to-one support might help. It would be a space just for you to explore your feelings. Something to think about if you think it could be helpful for you.

Take good care and keep reaching out,