Fantastic!!! My goodness what a difference to the old site. It must have taken a lot of work to get it like this. Thank you all for your efforts on our behalf. First emojis.
:grin: :star_struck::sweat_smile::grin::laughing: Ho Ho. Something wrong. No emoji but a description. Sorry about that.


Well now, up after I posted. Is that how they work?

So glad you like it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, they will appear after you post, but there is also a preview panel to the right of where you are typing that shows what it will actually look like when published.

The Emoji’s are fun, and I do like their addition to the site I am still trying to figure out. Thank You. :hugs::slightly_smiling_face::heart_eyes:

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Can I suggest that anyone still having problems tries a different browser. So many sites now will not accept Windows Internet Explorer. I use Google Chrome and find it much more responsive.
I have no idea why Explorer is not used so much any more.

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Hi Jonathan, I use Google Chrome and at the moment I am getting on alright but did take two days of frustration before I could log on. Re: Emoji I have had fun with these on my e-mails but can’t see the point on this forum or some of the other things either. O.K. when I was working but won’t bother on here.

Well the only emojis i see being used are the " crying " and the " hug " emojis…not sure fun emojis are wise to be used on a bereavement forum, ok on other forums but a bereavement forum, i think not…Now this is my second attempt as i had accidentally pressed delete and couldn’t get my post back again, even when there is a button supposedly allowing one to do this, well ok, it does say give it 336 hours…then it will automatically delete or magically reappear…No, still dont like this new forum, nor do i plan on staying here long enough to get used to it, i have come across this type of forum set-up before, i never liked it then and i shan’t be liking it now…
If there was one function i would have appreciated it would have been down at he bottom where one could see which of our members were in our forum at the same time we were-are in…which is the norm on most types of forums…We are just overloaded now with unnecessary functions…



Hi Jackie, I agree, I can’t see the point of emojis on this type of site.
PLEASE don’t leave us. Keep to simple messages and nothing fancy and you will get on alright. I have been ‘playing’ around but to be honest can’t see that we need all this fancy stuff, so won’t be using any of it. Type a message and send it, that’s it.
Making sure I come onto the forum everyday as if I miss a day I usually have to log on again and I dread that as I’m still not sure how I managed to get into the site in the first place and don’t want to spend another four hours trying to fathom it out again.
Pat xxx

Are we suggesting that the emojis should all be sad and miserable? Long faces and tears in their eyes. They are an expression of how we feel. Not everyone is so down in the dumps, and if they can express it with a ‘happy’ emoji then good luck. I appreciate and fully understand that to see a smiling face can be painful to some.
What do we do if we feel just a little better? That we no longer react to outside influences as we did? Do we stop posting because the site has done it’s job and made us feel better to know we are not alone?
The only persons who can help are those who have experienced this pain. Even if we begin to feel better we still owe it to others to help in any way we can. That’s what love and understanding is about.
My friends on here often express the fact that things are easing just a little. We valued the old site, but because we can’t seem to cope with the new one we leave. So how much value do we place on this site? Years ago there was no place anyone could go for help and we had to rely on relatives and friends for some comfort. By the many posts on here about problems with relatives I wonder if that was ever a good idea.
Why did we come here in the first place? For help and not to feel alone. Why has the change of format changed the ethos of the site? It’s still The Sue Ryder website. Because someone changes their clothes it doesn’t mean they become a different person.


I think what is being overlooked here is that given the vast costs in building a bespoke website, it is quite possible the Sue Ryder Organisation has obtained an off the shelf all singing , all dancing programme if this is the case , then there will be certain functions excess to our individual requirements, likewise if it is a bespoke programme, the programmers may have included extra functions that may become necessary as technology improves even further thereby mitigating further expensive outlays, for me personally, I use the functions that appeal to me and to what I want to achieve from using the forums, those functions I may not be happy with, I tend to just set aside until such time i may find the need to explore further.

when we go into a shop, we don’t even look at those products that are of no interest or use to us, buying only the products we would use and need, I think it is no different with being faced with a new website. oh there will be hiccups along the way only natural , we don’t go on a 7 mile hike wearing a new pair of shoes or boots do we, we break them in gently. we buy a new cooker and we experiment with how it works and chose only the functions we know we shall use, we become more relaxed using the new cooker, we may branch out and experiment a little more.

well this us how I see this new website, hope I haven’t created any upset and don’t wish to engage in any disagreements, this is just my opinion and how I personally see the new website.

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today