Six months in

It’s six months since my wife Val died, aged 50, from cancer.
Does it get easier? I try to keep more busy than I was and have gone back to work to focus on other things. The quiet times are the worst, mornings and evenings. I get floored by memories and missing her so much. The key in the door at 3.30 when home from work. A call out from another part of the house or a cup of tea appearing with her smile when working from home. Our daughter is taking A levels this year and will be off to university which I am also thinking about as I will be really on my own. Friends are kind but they are not there to share the ‘doing nothing together’ moments that couples do all the time.
I said to someone the other day, I was content with my life before she had cancer and passed, we all were. Makes you feel quite bitter and fed up with life.


Hello Timbo,

I feel exactly the same. My partner died of cancer as well just over 5 months sgo. I used to be very happy and relaxed at home before he hot ill. Everything has changed. The place seems so empty. I find myself being lazy, putting things off and I don’t have much motivation these days. It is really so sad for all of us.
I am trying to find some people ifrom this forum in London or Harrow to meet up for some outings, maybe for a boat trip on the Thabes, a Rock Concert, for a drink etc i thougjt people from this forum go thtough the same bad time and are more empathetic than our usual friends.
Look after yourself,