Six months tonight

Tonight it is six months since I lost my partner of 39 years Ray to Coronavirus I have cried all day I miss him so much I cannot face the thought of December coming as it is my birthday on Christmas Eve and my daughters birthday on New Years Eve we both cannot imagine our birthdays without Ray with us.

It’s so hard at the best of times, but anniversaries make things so much worse, I decided that I had to be away from home on the 1st anniversary of my husbands death, he died at home, but it was a mistake, I think it made it worse, your memories go with you, wherever you are, I would like to say that it gets easier, but every year I find it hard, like everything else you have to try and accept that this is how you are going to feel and it will pass, sending you love xx

Dear DebMid, I lost my darling wife of 50 years to cancer in July. I am still in total despair and cry for her every day.
I have no living family (apart from my beagle) and, as are you, I am dreading Christmas - I honestly can’t imagine how I will survive it alone. I suspect that this community of ours will be chatting to each other more than ever throughout December. It may help us a little. God bless.

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Thank you peter I hope that I am doing something with the rest of my family but I am unable to sleep much anymore so will no doubt be looking on this site some time over December. All the best to you I hope you get some peace soon. DebMid.

Thank you Jude I hope you find some peace over the holiday period and onwards. It is so hard grieving but it is the price we pay for loving someone. Sending love back to you

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You are so right, and Covid is making the whole situation so much worse xx