Skis and snowing...

Ok, so, I am still here, in the eyrie Tom gave to me, high in the Alps. It is snowing. It has snowed all day. So I set about some domestic admin. For that read, what is all this stuff (wires, bits, threads, more bits) that Tom had kept? DIY stuff. Odd wires. Odd gadgets. Odd stuff. I knew today that it was time to sort it out, move it on. His ski jackets. Ski pants. All now sorted out. Odd wires to the bins. Ski stuff to charity where a whole bunch of people will benefit. Weird. Necessary. New snow is falling here. Gently covering the mountain behind us and turning the village and the hill in front white. I know that this is Tom’s way of saying that life goes on. I no longer feel afraid. I no longer feel lonely. I feel strong. Happy. Home, here on the hill. It has taken 16 brutal months of grief and pain. But today, I stood up. I dusted myself down. I walked on. Tom will be with me, always. And will always nudge me toward life, and fun, and happiness.


That’s amazing be very proud of yourself! What an achievement!