Slapped in the face

I lost my husband in 21 and today feel like its hit me in the face. He was only 54 and i found him on our drive . Because of ptsd i had hypnotherapy which enabled me not to react to police paramedics and flashing lights .
I wish i could just hide away and stop pretending im ok. Hes the 1st thing i think of and the last thing every day. I just found these pages today after searching bereavement support. Reading the support on here has shown me that people understand how i feel… and thats its ok to feel this way.


Keep reading and posting, people do come along and offer so much support and advice. Just lots of people to share with….in a safe, non judgmental forum

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Hi @Finchy,

I know what you mean about pretending to be OK. For sure there are circumstances where masking is advisable but for me, I now try to mask as little as possible.

Masking seems to really drain my energy and it kind of carries the hint that somehow I am at fault or should be ashamed. Both of which I utterly refute. My gorgeous wife is no longer with me so is it any wonder I feel totally bereft and am not “OK”!

Best wishes to you.

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Totally agree Keep posting.People will respond with comforting words and support. Don’t be alone in all this We are all going through it so post whatever you feel like saying . No one judges you and we are all here to reach out to one another
Big hugs
Deborah x