I am so tierd yet so awake. My brain wont shut off. How do i sleep

Hello Baba
Iam sorry for your loss and sending much love I know how you are feeling. So tired that you could sleep all winter yet as soon as you put your head on the pillow you are wide awake watching the minutes turn to hours then before you know it morning. Talk to your GP or your chemist might be able to recommend something. You need to ask for help as you will make yourself ill look after yourself alway here if you want to chat xxx


@Lolla49 thankyou for your words. I am waiting to get support from a therapist but they have a long que of people waiting. I end up getting out of bed as im affraid im disturbing my partner and i dont want him to suffer because of me. Ive spoken to my doctor briefly but may need to go back

Hello Baba1, adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night .

I bet that most of us here do not get enough sleep, that includes me too. - I often drink a little whiskey an hour before going to bed, about the thickness of a pencil and only 5-6 days a week. It seems to help, but not always. (This is not a recommendation. It is only what I do.) - I used to drink more when my brother was still alive, but now he is not here to stop me and I have to stop myself. (He died in February 2022 aged 74 without any warning. He was much fitter than I am and I often think that I should have gone first.)

Take care, Nick

Thankyou for your message @Nick22. I am definitely not getting that at the moment. Maybe 4 to 5 hours max for me. If it works for you then it works. Im sure your brother would have said the same that hed have wanted to go first… dont wish your life away he wouldnt have wanted that

Hello Baba1, thank you for your reply. Please go and ask your GP for help, soon. Five hours is not enough, the absolute lowest is 6 hours and only for a short time. It will mess with you brain. I have been there. - Make sure you are not alone for a prolonged time. If you do not have anyone to talk to, do as I do, I just talk to people in the park here. They walk their dogs twice a day. It sounds stupid, but It helps. They all know that I lost my brother and I always tell them how I feel if they ask. The strange thing is that my new friends have more compassion than most of my old friends. - Have a look if you have a bereavement group near you. Some of my new friends pushed me to join the group and I am glad I did. Just a shame that we only meet once a month. Have a look if you have something like this in you area. If yes, try it. - I also walk more than I used to, and it helps with my sleep.

I hope you can sleep better tonight, Nick

Thankyou @Nick22 to be honest between work and home im very rarely by myself.i will definitely talk to my gp and look into local grouos. Thankyou for your advice

Hi Baba1
Yes go back to your doctors. And keep reaching out on here I find it helps just to talk to other people and listening too. Always listening sending love xxx

Yhanks @Lolla49 im just so tierd. I feel alone too. I have my partner who is so supportive and puts me first which i adore him for but i still feel like i cant breath some days

Hi Baba1
You are not alone we all feel like we are alone. I feel like this most day I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest I feel like I can’t catch my breath and I’m fighting the thoughts in my head. I just talk to my partner or I post it on here it helps to calm me when people reply to my post always happy to chat xxx

@Lolla49 normally im the one people come too to chat and rant but lately i dont have the mindset to listen. I do find my anxiety is worse. But talking on here is helping abit

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Hi Baba1
I feel your pain as my social anxiety is through the roof I go into meltdown an everythink and anything I can’t tell if people are joking with me and I can’t even look at people while I talk to them. so chatting on here is so helpful as I don’t have to look at people,and people don’t judge and are so in need of love, time and understanding.which is what we all want somebody to listen and now how it feels and help us through the darker days. Always here to chat and listen sending much love :heart:

Hi @Lolla49 sorry i havent replied ive been in my own world this last week. Im really struggling everything is stressing me out and my anxiety is at its worse. I have 13 people for christmas dinner including my dad and i just want everything to be perfect for him, i just dont want him to be sad on a day my step mum loved. Im still struggling with sleep… yet im exhausted atm. Hope you are ok and thankyou for your message

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Hi Baba1
Just taking each day by day my head feels like it’s going to explode and tomorrow is just another day hope your day tomorrow goes ok just remember to breathe and let the day be the day. Xxx