Small deaths

I am sitting here nearly two years on in tears over yet another small thing

They just keep coming, don’t they Florence? My husband was my handyman too. Now it’s down to us. There’s always something to do; it’s neverending. Currently I have a dripping tap. It’s nothing serious but it is annoying. It’s a simple job I know but it’s not a job I’ve ever done before. David would have just changed the washer in a few seconds. I miss that :disappointed:. I understand how you’re feeling Florence but be proud of yourself, you’ve come this far so you must be doing something right. Sending love and hugs xx

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I do know Florence. It’s coming up to 20 month since my wife died, and every day something comes up to remind me. In the beginning I thought of moving. But then realised we take our memories with us. A new home would only be a distraction for a while then back to square one. It think it is a fact that way have to accept head on this grieving process. Trying to ‘get over it’ can be self defeating. Going with it, while maybe not easing the pain a lot, does help with stress. I don’t believe time makes a lot of difference. It’s our attitude to loss that is so important. We either accept it or remain in constant turmoil.
Very best wishes. John.