So alone

I lost my wonderful husband 4 weeks ago. I am missing him so much. He had a cardiac arrest age 62. It was so sudden. I have family and friends but really just want him back which I know is impossible. I like others , get up, shower, go through the motions but I can’t see the point of anything. I am so sad to see that others are going through similar emotions. I keep thinking why did this happen it’s not fair. Not expecting any replies just need to vent some of my anger.


I’m so sorry for your loss. My husband passed away 4 & 1/2 months ago after a short illness and like you I just want him to see him again. I still don’t think I can full comprehend that he’s gone. It feels unbelievable that I won’t see him again and that he’s missing out on so much.
It’s very early days for both of us and you’re bound to feel a huge array of emotions but I can totally relate to the pointlessness of everything.
You’ll find lots of support and people to listen xx


I have been reading everyone’s posts on here. I can relate to all. I can’t get rid of the anger. He was fit and healthy (we thought) Absolutely no warning. He’s been snatched away along with everything we planned. He loved his garden. His pride and joy. I am trying to keep it looking good but I’m so sad when out there even more than in doors. Ate his first batch of runner beans yesterday but he should have been here too. Why are all the good people taken so early. I have lost my best friend, my everything. I am trying to stay positive but that mainly for everyone else. I really want to lay in a darkened room and cry, cry, cry. It all hurts so much.


@Jun23 I’m so sorry you’ve had to join this forum. It really is a hard pathway we all find ourselves on.
I lost my partner unexpectedly 23 weeks ago. He died from a heart attack whilst at work.
It’s so early days for you. You will still be in shock of what’s happened, your mind will go through every question possible, and I can relate to wanting to hide in a dark place and cry.
All I can say is it does get a little easier as the initial shock wears off. The sadness, loneliness and why did it happen is still there but I can function a bit better now. One thing I have learnt is not to think too far ahead. It is too painful to look to the future without him. I just get through one day at a time. Keep posting on the forum I find it really helps xx


Thank you. It has helped seeing I am not alone with these feelings and being able to say how I am really feeling. I have a really close family but they are also suffering and I try not to upset them.


I know its strange isnt it … all these people around you and all you want is your husband back life is cruel :frowning: x oh and btw anger is part of grieving … i was flipping furious for first few months ! So damn angry with everybody !! My anger has gone now mostly but you know i think its just cos we are angry we are in this situation at all and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it ! Its frustration really x

Frustration, anger, you name it. Didn’t know I could feel so many things at the same time. Another bad day. Continually crying. I feel as part of me is missing. I’m longing to hold his hand and tell him how much I love him again. My heart is hurting with the pain. Yes life is so cruel.

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