So hard

My partner died last week and all i want to do is sit in a corner and cry, i have a 10 year old son that i have to look after and he talks alot about his dad, i haven’t had 5 minutes peace with all the things that need to be done and arrangements that have to be made.
Im finding i cant sleep i wake up every hour and the mornings are the worst waking up and realising it wasnt a dream.

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This is a very busy time. I like you couldn’t sleep more than an hour. Now at 3 months some nights I get 4 hours. Waking up is awful to another day alone. At least you have your son which is possibly a blessing and a curse. I still cry most days. At your stage I cried nearly all the time. I do hope you have a lot of support. Thinking if you and your son who us very young to have lost his father. Xx. Sandra


I do feel so sorry for those left with small children. I couldn’t function at all and needed looking after, the thought of looking after a child at that stage is a huge challenge. I really hope you are getting some help.

All I wanted to do was die at that early stage and be with my partner. It took many many weeks to be able to function properly.

Now 7 months in, I’m doing good. It’s no longer a continuous round of pain and tears. The rawness has gone and I have a new life that I live. I still have bad days but I accept my partner is gone and isn’t coming back and I take each new day as it comes.


It’s hard juggling at first my youngest is 11, but as weeks pass you realise they are what keeping you going. Older people seem to struggle with the empty house and the loneliness and then I think he keeps me strong and level (16 weeks for me)


Yes, I have two at home but they adults. They were due to move out but so grateful that they didn’t. Being alone is so hard.


He is definitely keeping me going and im keeping him going

School have been a great help and you definitely find out who your true friends are.

It is very empty and lonely particularly if like me you are virtually housebound.

If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t get up on a morning

I am so sorry for your loss. Once the initial things are done take time to be gentle to yourself. Dont feel like you have to do it all now. Take time to grieve. I wish you peace

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