So lost

I only lost my husband 7march not yet 2weeks I have been in a fog since I have had support but it’s when they go and I. Sit look at his photo of when he was well to shut out his last few days I nursed him at home was with him 24\7 slept on a camp bed so if he needed Me I was there
I miss him so much it’s so hard

Hi Norma,

I’m so sorry you lost your husband 2 weeks ago. It must be so incredibly hard and painful for you. It’s understandable that you feel that you’re in a fog and that you’re really missing him. It must have been such a support for him that you were with him 24/7, next to him in case he needed you. How long were you married? There are many people on the forum who have experienced what you’re going through and I’m sure they will reply to you soon. I joined the forum when my Mum died 4 years ago and found lots of caring supportive people here. Take care, Trudy x

Thank you for your reply we were married 55years 3children …our son was40 when he drowned 13yrs ago I like to think they are now looking after one another. 2daughters are supportive ilove them to bits but I miss my. Hubby. It hurts so much just buy his cardigan. And sleep with it he wore it over his PJs I am rambling sorry Norma x

Please don’t apologise, you’re not rambling. You write whatever you want to. 55 years is an incredible marriage, you were both so lucky to have each other. I’m sorry that you lost your son too. You have had some incredibly difficult times already. It’s good that you have 2 wonderful supportive daughters.

It must give you some comfort sleeping with his jumper. My Mum died 4 years ago & I now wear her favourite perfume as it reminds me of her.

Please keep posting & just write whatever you need to x

Hi Norma I know how you feel I lost my husband of 32 years suddenly on 20th January with a heart attack. I felt exactly as you do. All I can say is that although it’s still really hard and lonely you get a bit used to it. You just have to take it day by day. If you can get bearevment support I found that very helpful and I read a lot of books on bearevment. Nothing can take away the pain but I think you must learn to live with it. But it’s still early days for both of us xx

Also very sorry about your son. This must bring it all back too which is very difficult for you xx

So Sorry for your loss … I lost my fiance to a brain tumour 32 days from diagnosis to his passing which was 12 months ago on Thursday 22nd March not sure how I got through the last year but I have … I remember spending days not crying I would call it howling so much i didn’t think it would stop … To this day his pillow cover is still not been changed since last time he slept on it and I’ve wept into many a night and I still spray his deodorant and aftershave around … I used to spend time looking at his photo and asking what the xxxx happened … the last Month it has only just hit me he’s never coming home … all i can say is the you handle it your way theres no right or wrong way … The only other advise is make no major decisions if you don’t have to for 6 months … feeling for you takecare x