So lost

I lost my partner 2 days before Christmas, I’m feeling so lost


I deeply sympathise with you Peter, I lost my wife on the 9th and i too am feeling lost. The world is a much sadder place without them in it. Take care my friend and know that I share your suffering.

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Yes so lost such cost
When no longer here
To hold so very dear
Way forward so unclear
The memory so real
But reality so unreal
So friends may hug
But an endless tug
Inside to try to cope
To hold onto your rope

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Sorry for your loss I lost my husband on Christmas Eve just gone

My heart goes out to you, how do we come to terms with this , I’m finding it so very difficult.

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Having a bad day today I lost my wife nearly 7 months ago to cancer. I’ve done nothing but cry all morning looking at photos and watching videos of our holidays together. Sometimes the pain is too much and it’s hard to cope. I understand all of the people out there who have lost the love of their lives. People say it gets easier but unless they’ve been through it they don’t understand the true pain and heartache

It’s very hard to get through every day without the love of your life

Well I still do those things and 14 months later. But not so often. Still very flat getting used to what can’t do and doing what can do and confidence to do it anyway. Times when ok and few times highlights.
But this time year difficult when can’t feel motivated as cold. But each new challenge faced builds in it. Decisions still very hard. Gradually trying to find ways to do some things.
I know it does get better. Try to say each day what an I grateful for? Well if sky blue not grey, car started after was frosted, warmer today, snowdrops budding, I am still here, pain free at moment, squirrels still running outside, not flooded like some people. Might be a bit boring but I think where there is life there is hope. You never know what surprise might happen. I like saying to myself what can I do today to help someone, what exercise can I do? What new thing can I do eg try out, what can do to volunteer like walk dog, what communication eg this or talk in street etc.

i lost my husband on the 28 december so i know how all of you are feeling to loose the love of your life is devastating take care Diane

I’m so sorry for your loss it’s so hard take care of yourself

I lost my partner to brain cancer early December 23. He passed away at home which was one of his wishes. I never left his side from mri diagnosis to passing4 months :smiling_face_with_tear: